Power White Skin Care Set

Power White Skin Care Set

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Power White Soap (150g)

  • A combination of milk and koji extracts that gives a brighter and naturally healthier skin tone

Power White Toner (50ml)

  • Has natural botanical extracts to combat excess oil responsible for clogging pores
  • Helps brighten the skin for a much healthier glow

Power White Serum (30ml)

  • Contains AHA with nutrients that correct and minimize discoloration
  • Visibly brightens the skin for a softer and healthier look

Power White Cream (10g)

  • Brightens the skin, with arbutin and kojimilk extracts, making the skin looks fairer and smoother.

2N1 Moisture Sunscreen SPF 60: (10g)

  • Safe for all skin types
  • Effectively moisturizes the skin and protects it against sun damage, pollution, and light
  • Can be used as post cream after facial, laser, and chemical procedure


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